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Let us help build a bright future for the less fortunate.

woman working with the sewing machine

Mercy Foundation holds various projects and programs that will aid our underprivileged brothers and sisters. Programs like teaching widowed women new methods to earn for a living is just one of the many projects that we provide. With this class, we aim to teach them more ways to earn for themselves and their children. That way, they can start a livelihood where they can provide for the needs of their family. Aside from that, we also give them details on how to properly run a small business with no monetary fee in return. We want them to know that no matter what they want to achieve, we will be there for them throughout.

Mercy Foundation provides the following assistance:

  • We seek out the orphans and homeless children and organize shelters for them, depending on the community, including working with government offices and other non-governmental organizations, to place them with families for adoption and in foster homes.
  • We link up orphans who need assistance with school fees with prospective sponsors.
  • We connect widows with lawyers in their communities who provide services for their legal matters, as necessary.
  • We serve as liaisons for medical missions from the United States to Nigeria.
  • We provide counseling services to those who need them.
  • We operate soup kitchens in communities in Africa.

Our projects are created to empower the vulnerable into letting them see a bright future ahead. We aim to let them know that they still have a chance of achieving their dreams and goals in life.

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Mercy Foundation is always open to hearing from you. If you wish to donate, volunteer, or sponsor a child, please feel free to get in touch with us.